Natural Light Durolite

Natural Light – Clear Sheet Roofing – Durolite®

The Natural light, that clear roofing provides can greatly improve the environment in the work space below and reduce the need for artificial lighting.

In the last 30 years we have provided multiple clear/plastic sheet roofing solutions , often with the Durolite® brand. We prefer New Zealand made products, such as Durolite® and Ampelite. These products are designed to withstand our specific and often harsh environment. The products we use are tried and tested to last a 20 year life span.

Durolite® provide multiple material options that can reduce heat ,glare and uv transmission, achieve fire rating requirements and or material that are safe to walk on. We are happy to talk through the options so you are able to determine the best solution for your individual needs.

What to consider

• Light and heat transmission
• Where the product is made and how it is tested
• How long it will last in our environment
• How the profile options will match your new or current roof
• The potential damage to people and property, caused by roof leaks and falling debris from old brittle plastic sheets.

What we do

• Install new sheets as part of a new roof installation.
• Replace old and deteriorated plastic sheets
• Take out steel roofing sheets and replace them with new clear sheets
• During installation we use all the necessary components to lengthen the life of the sheets.
• Provide ongoing support, whether it is warranty requirements or necessary alterations as the needs of the building change.
• Meet all the necessary installation safety requirements including documentation and equipment.

For more information on plastic roofing products, see the manufactures’ websites including: